What is ClutterofAngels?

Toys, household items, school supplies

Collection of items by ClutterofAngels

ClutterofAngels is a specialty division of C2C Professional Cleaning Services, LLC that provides gifts to those in need, nationwide.  C2C is fortunate to be able to provide to those in need.  We are not only able to help our customers get organized, we are able to give free items to others.

How does ClutterofAngels Work?

C2C, LLC’s Professional Organization, Extreme Clutter and Hoarding CleanUp teams collect items from clients all over East Tennessee.  When we receive a packing, organization,extreme clutter, or hoarding clean up job, any unopened, unused, or unwanted items our customersdo not want are set aside for donations.

ClutterofAngels Mission

Clutter donations

Toys, baby items, games, clothes

C2C’s mission is to provide items to those in need.  Our customers have chosen us for this reason.  Clutterof Angels has been a huge success.  Many have inquired about items they need.  We love providing! 

ClutterofAngels Item Requests

If you or someone you know is in need, please fill out the quick form on the site.  A few questions must be answered to help us determine the best possible item.  All items have been cleaned and inspected before shipping.  In the event you or someone you know is located in Knoxville, TN, items may be picked up at our home office location.  

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