Hoarding Clean Up Services

Our hoarding clean up services include, but are not limited to:

  • Any and all types of trash cleanup
  • Furniture removal
  • Human and animal waste proper removal
  • Any type of blood and body fluid cleanup
  • Medical waste removal, including hypodermic needles
  • Providing blue tape for labeling
  • Sorting & Organization of items of value
  • Shredding & separating


Hoarding Clean Up Before and After Kitchen, Desk, Bathroom – Knoxville, TN

Compulsive hoarding is simply being unable to dispose of excess or unused things to the point where belongings begin smothering living space.  C2C,LLC has helped hundreds of individuals salvage their homes, office, and rental units.

If the hoarder suddenly becomes embarrassed by his or her living situations, this could be an encouraging and positive sign. It may mean the hoarder has finally come to terms that something is not right. This is a promising first step towards seeking help.

Compulsive hoarding is not always about just keeping things. It is also categorized as a disorder of acquiring things. For the hoarder, this act of acquiring serves two areas of insecurity. The first being that moment of immediate pleasure and comfort and the second being a feeling of safeness and security. Many hoarders develop these un-comforting feelings during unsettling childhood occurrences. 

C2C Professional Cleaning Services, LLC’s hoarding unit has caring, understanding teams that will comfort you, your friend or family member during this lonely and deliberating time of recovery.  Our hoarding clean up services are quick, painless, and stress-free.

With millions of Americans suffering from a hoarding disorder, C2C,LLC’s hoarding unit clean up teams understand and work patiently with individual needs, goals & sensitivity issues during this delicate time. C2C,LLC’s hoarding unit clean up teams remove anywhere from 5-10 tons of hoarding trash per week.  Recycling and donating unwanted items is an important part of this overall cleaning process.

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