Move Out Clean Up Services

With every clean, C2C’s employees  follow stringent checklists to make sure all small details are completed.  When it comes to foreclosure clean up services, move out clean up services or eviction clean up services, we have to make sure the living area is once again move in ready.  To do this properly, every nook & cranny must be cleaned from top to bottom, inside to outside, behind & underneath.  No area is left untouched.  Below is a sample checklist for out foreclosure, move out & eviction clean up services.

Move Out Clean Up Services - Before Picture

Move Out Clean Up Services – Before Picture

  • Fronts of cabinets hand wiped / Insides of cabinets carefully cleaned out & wiped down
  • Tile grout hand scrubbed / Bathroom floors hand cleaned & scrubbed
  • Doors, door frames & door handles are cleaned for fingerprints, germs & bacteria
  • Baseboards are hand-wiped / Window sills wiped clean & scrubbed with a toothbrush if needed
  • Ceiling fans hand wiped & brass shined / Light fixtures hand wiped, removed & replaced if necessary 
  • Light switches scrubbed clean & sanitized / Furniture and upholstery vacuumed if needed
  • Furniture vacuumed under cushions if needed
  • Vents removed (if loosely fitted), vacuumed & wiped out
  • Hallways and stairs vacuumed / Interior windows cleaned streak free
  • Blinds wiped individually to remove dust, grime / Sinks scrubbed & disinfected
  • Inside of range hood cleaned / Grease filter cleaned / Trash emptied / Trash cans cleaned
  • Appliances cleaned, shined & stainless steel polished
  • All furniture hand wiped fronts, sides & backs
  • Floor swept, swiffered & mopped
  • Microwave clean inside, out & underneath
  • Refrigerator inside pieces removed, sanitized & cleaned / Inside thoroughly cleaned / Top &  Sides Cleaned / Refrigerator moved to clean underneath
  • Washer & Dryer pulled out & cleaned underneath / Sides, front & tops cleaned & any marks removed
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