Residential Clean

Priority Clean

House Cleaning to Perfection!

A flat number of cleaning hours, C2C focus’s on your Priority List.  A priority list is just that – priority.  You may not need everything in your home to be cleaned.  Maybe it’s just the floors or the stove for a dinner party. Maybe it’s the living room or the dining room for a business meeting.  Maybe it’s the master bed & bath.  Whatever the case, C2C is here to help.  There may be times when you only want to spend a certain amount on cleaning.  That’s fine too.  C2C will ask you to make us a list of everything most important to you.  We will start with number one & work as far down the list as possible in the amount of time allotted for the clean.


House Cleaning Knoxville, TN

House Cleaning Knoxville, TN

 Surface Clean

A simple, yet always thorough Residential Clean. Even though we say ‘simple’, that doesn’t mean we aren’t still cleaning top notch. This clean always includes bed making, dish washing, microwave cleaning, mirrors, light dusting & polishing on tops of all furniture, trash emptying, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, toilet & tub sanitizing, stove top scouring, sink shining & counter top disinfecting.


First-Class Clean

Add baseboards, blinds & window interior spotting, high dusting, side and top polishing of all furniture, & polishing & disinfecting of all outer cabinetry, in addition to all of the previously stated Surface Residential Clean tasks listed above.

Apartment Supreme Clean, Powell, TN

Apartment Supreme Clean, Powell, TN


Supreme Clean

Our Deepest Home Clean, includes light switches cleaned with toothbrushes, baseboards hand wiped, blinds dusted with microfiber cloths, window interiors & sills cleaned streak-free & oven & stove cleaning, in addition to our Surface Residential Clean & First-Class Residential Clean checklists.  Your home or apartment will be sparkling clean in no time!

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