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Crime Scene Clean Up

Crime Scene Clean Up

C2C’s Crime Scene Clean Up

C2C’c Crime Scene Clean Up Unit has the proper training and state of the art equipment that can properly rid your bio-hazard surroundings.  C2C teams are professional and readily available in any situation.  Blood borne pathogens like hepatitis or HIV are often difficult to remove and unforeseeable.   While the risk of diseases may be non-existent,  cleaning up blood of a friend or family member is grueling, upsetting, and disturbing. Many times a friend or apartment manager will try to clean the area on his or her own, with little success.  Proper removal of bio-hazard waste will help restore your surroundings back to normal.

Crime Scene Clean Up Services

Always keep in mind that general cleaning companies and cleaning agents are not necessarily the best cleaning solution.  A cheap clean can be detrimental.  Blood remnants may be found later causing unwanted pain and unpleasant memories to resurface.  Blood spatter, brain matter, and bone can travel many feet, sometimes in places you would never imagine.  Knowing what is salvageable and what is not is also important.  C2C works diligently to salvage all your loved ones possessions by cleaning them free of disease and returning them to you.  Bio-hazard waste are discretely placed in our trucks and dumped in the appropriate landfills.


C2C always consults with your home, auto or office’s insurance company to make sure you receive all of the reimbursements you are due.  Our crime scene clean up services are available 24 hours a day.  We also provide suicide, homicide, murder, & unattended death clean up.