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Hoarding & Trauma Units FAQs

FAQs Hoarding & Trauma Clean Up Units

What are C2C’s Hoarding & Trauma Clean Up Units?

C2C’s Hoarding Clean Up members are certified, licensed and bonded. We serve all cities and counties nationally. C2C’s Hoarding & Trauma Units are highly trained bio-recovery and hoarding clean up technicians. They are committed to the professional remediation of your home, office or rental property. Compassionately our certified technicians guide each of our clients through the psychologically and physically distressing process. They provide restoration of property and customer peace of mind.

Hoarding & Trauma Units FAQs

C2C’s Trauma Clean Up Unit offers remediation clean up services for properties that have been affected by: loss of life, unexpected/unattended death, suicide, crime, medical emergencies and hoarding and gross filth (to mention a few). Disinfecting for outbreaks such as MRSA, HIV, SARS and other contagious diseases, odor control and medical waste removal services can also be provided.

Why choose C2C’s Hoarding & Trauma Units?

Bio-recovery remediation services and hoarding clean up, no matter the scope, should only be performed by highly trained remediation professionals. Our technicians are trained and certified to accommodate appropriately. C2C provides assistance to the psychological downfalls our work entails, strengthening our client’s hope. We are committed to compassion and quality to all of our clients.

What Types of Properties Does C2C’s Hoarding & Trauma Units Remediate?

No remediation incident is too simple or too complex; nor is any property too big or too small for C2C’s Hoarding & Trauma Clean Up Units. Our services are available for homeowners, apartments, business owners, property management companies, shopping malls, mass transportation services, medical examiners, police departments, health departments, school boards, colleges, local, state, and federal agencies in Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis, Chattanooga, Clarksville, Bristol, Gatlinburg, Lebanon, Jackson and Murfreesboro Tennessee.

Where Does C2C’s Hoarding & Trauma Units Offer Services?

Although we are headquartered in Knoxville, TN, we do offer reasonably priced emergency services nationwide.

Please Explain C2C’s Hoarding & Trauma Unit’s Bio-Hazard Remediation Process.

C2C’s Hoarding & Trauma Clean Up Units realize the bio-hazard remediation is both an extremely complex process and immense liability for property owners. Property owners in need of bio-hazard remediation are subject to possible outrageous fines, penalties and legal action if they fail to comply with a variety of OSHA, EPA and state regulations ruling bio-hazard remediation. Conducted by our highly trained, certified technicians, our remediation process is extremely specialized and very sound.