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Hoarding Clean Up Process

Hoarding Clean Up Process

Please Explain C2C,LLC’s Hoarding Unit’s Clean Up Process.

Hoarding cleanup can be quite an expensive drawn out process. C2C,LLC’s hoarding unit will make every effort to get your cleanup situation finished as quickly and easily as possible. Most often, the content in your house will need to be sorted because they are a mixture of valuable property and domestic waste. The trained and knowledgeable staff will work directly with you in sorting out salvageable property verses what needs to be thrown out.

Hoarding & Trauma Units FAQs

C2C,LLC’s hoarding unit has cleaned out many homes with the customer present in the house. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible with us and know that you are welcome to be there during this turbulent and challenging time in your life. When you hire C2C,LLC’s hoarding unit to cleanup your situation, we always ensure safety and removal of excessive clutter that may or could potentially cause you or someone you know physical harm.

Please Explain C2C,LLC’s Hoarding Unit’s Clean Up Process.

We assess the situation. Take a look at the overall clutter in the home and prioritize the work that needs to be done. We may start in small places like closets and bathrooms. When one small space is cleaned out quickly, we can move to larger rooms, utilizing the smaller rooms as freed space.


We sanitize the worst areas first. Some hoarders seriously neglect sanitation in the bathroom and kitchen, which can lead to health hazards. These areas should be sanitized as quickly as possible, especially if there are areas with pet or human feces. While this is often a disgusting task, it can go rather quickly & is important in allowing us to discover more valuable items worth keeping.


Most of what is in a bathroom, like half-empty shampoo bottles and expired toiletries can be trashed without consideration. Our cleanup crew brings plastic bags, mops, rubber gloves, boxes and disposable cleaning items like sponges and wipes to deal with the cleanup.


We do a major decluttering of useless objects & trash. Some objects in the home may be reuseable if cleaned. Other items, like leftover mail, old newspapers, trash & expired food, must simply be disposed of. The junk items will be thrown out first before dealing with reusable items.


A large waste containers may be rented by the day depending on the time frame and size of the container & job.

hoarding chatt 11 living room

Once the home has been cleared of waste items and sanitized appropriately, we sort through the other items. We strategically make piles for clothing and other items, and sort them into piles of what can be reused once cleaned, what should be given to charity, and what can be sold.


A Thorough Deep Clean is Always Our Last Step.


Creating a clean environment for a hoarder is a healing, healthy act, yet extremely time consuming, costly & mentally draining. Our compassionate leaders help ease this process. It’s a great gift to give a person who needs help. It can also be very rewarding for you as a property manager when the home has become rentable again.