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Hoarding Clean Up

Hoarding Clean Up

What is C2C, LLC’s Hoarding Unit?

C2C,LLC’s hoarding unit is an extreme de-clutter solution clean up solution that will travel to your home to provide household organization services and tips on how to get organized, provide in depth one-on-one coaching, and counsel with extreme hoarding clean up assessments.  You see first hand the best and easiest ways to organize a closet, clean out kitchen cabinets, file important documents, rearrange garage gear, handle teen bedrooms, get rid of unneeded clutter or reorganize a storage unit, basement or attic  You will be explained how to re-condition your mind through on site coaching and positive reinforcement.  We will show you our approach to handling clutter throughout your living or working area.  We will work with you to design a de-clutter & stay organized plan of action specific to your long term organizational goals and help you to recognize and counteract ocd habits as they arise.  We will show you how getting organized will reduce your stress level AND maximize your space.

Why choose C2C,LLC’s Hoarding Unit?

C2C,LLC’s hoarding unit helps individuals recover their lives and gain organization control in their homes or businesses.  Once a living or working area has become too cluttered to manage, it is probably time for a professional organizer to step in.  Embarrassment, anxiety, apprehension and solitude will sometimes set in before help arrives.  Our friendly, highly skilled and professional staff are available to step in and help at any time – it’s never too late!  We are professionals in the organization business, and enjoy helping change people’s lives, one at a time.  We are available on short notice.  Our meetings and discussions are all confidential.  No one will know your problem unless YOU choose to tell them.

Hoarding Clean Up

What Types of Properties Does Hoardanize Organize, De-Clutter & Hoard Assess?

No organization, de-clutter or hoarding job is too simple or too complex; nor is any property too big or too small.  C2C,LLC’s hoarding unit is a team of professionals  available on short notice to help assist homeowners, apartments & business owners of all kinds.  We have worked in all types of atmospheres & situations including homes, attics, basements, sheds, apartments, condos, trailers, garages, storage rooms, closets, storage bins, offices, cabinets, drawers, laundry rooms, pantries and more.

Hoarding Clean Up

What Kinds of Dangers Could Hoarding and Cluttering Involve?

Hoarding and cluttering both can lead to a series of physical ailments or injuries that could even become life threatening for most specifically children, the elderly, or people with low immune systems or sicknesses.  For starters, it’s hard to move around.  Tripping and falling is common.  Things falling on a child or adult could cause serious injury.  There is always the issue of a medical emergency – and the medical workers can’t get to you.  Even roaches, fleas, insects, mold or other types of airborne germs floating around could causes sickness or even death.  Condemnations and renter eviction are also common.  Sometimes child or adult protective services has to step in, removing everyone from the home until clean.

Unfortunately many neighbors are effected by hoarding and cluttering as well.  Usually pest and rodents become so multiplied that everyone in apartment complexes begin experiencing the same issues.  Building structures become unsound and unsafe and sometimes nasty outside as well as inside, affecting the price of homes within the neighborhood.

Generally clutter or disorganization is the result of a mental disorder, although sometimes these messy situations can occur from a multitude of reasons.  Deaths of family members or loved ones can leave behind a tremendous amount of personal items that need to be arranged, sorted through, donated &/or packed away safely.  Other times downsizing from one living space to another could also become unmanageable with the extra clothes, toys, furniture or knick knacks that you simply do not have space for anymore.  Mentally these other types of clutter situations can cause a high level of stress and anxiety on individuals taking care of a family or holding down a career.

Where Does C2C,LLC’s Hoarding Unit Offer Services?

Although we are headquartered in Knoxville, TN, we do offer reasonably priced emergency services nationwide.