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About Julie | Professional Organizer | Tennessee

About Julie | Professional Organizer | Tennessee

C2C provides Professional Organization, as well as Move In/Move Out, Packing & Unpacking Organization & Extreme Clutter & Hoarding Clean Up. There is no job too big, too small, too dirty or too cluttered that C2C has not already seen or cleaned.  As a Professional Organizer, Julie & her teams understand how clutter can take a toll on a person’s life.

Professional Organizer | Extreme Cleaner


Julie has become a leader & community figure in the organization, extreme clutter cleaning, & hoarding clean up process.  Julie holds a BS in Organizational Management, an MA in Psychology, & is currently pursuing a PhD in Human Behavior.

Storage Bin Organizing Dandridge, TN


Julie’s professional organizing, extreme clutter cleaning skills & caring outlook to help those in need are the foundations her career & success have been built upon. She thoroughly understands how difficult it can be to find the time, motivation, & energy to get organized and STAY organized.  Julie specializes in coaching individuals suffering from ADD & OCD, working one on one, helping them get their lives back to normal.

Donating unwanted items are very important to Julie.  Throughout the year, Julie receives thousands of donation requests through her ClutterofAngels ministry.  Helping one individual help another, is to Julie, the greatest compensation of all.  Children, single parents, young adults, the elderly, friends, and family members contact her for help.  Getting rid of excess clutter can not only create positive stimulation in your life, but the lives of others as well!  Also, remember clutter free living means:

  1. You are keeping trash overflow out of the landfills.
  2. You are getting organized by cleaning out the clutter in your home or office, closet, garage, attic, storage bin or kid’s room.
  3. You are now experiencing a sense of  peacefulness you didn’t before!

Julie will always provide a positive, uplifting organizing solution & work with you every step of the way.  If you are at your wits end or you simply do not know what to do with all your clutter, get in touch with Julie today @ (865) 805-3278 or (865) 233-8590.