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The Trauma Clean Up Process

The Trauma Clean Up Process

Soon after all the chaos has calmed down and the painful experience has come to grips, reality sets in.  C2C is here to help. Our Trauma Clean up Unit specializes in areas such as homicide, suicide, decomposition & death.  Crime scene investigation can furthermore tear a home or business apart even worse than the initial trauma scene. Often left behind are chemicals, tear gas, fingerprint dust & possible damage and destruction to property which must be removed and hauled off to the appropriate dumping facility.   Investigation scene remnants must be cleaned and removed first with blood borne pathogens being disinfected and abolished as quickly as possible to prevent any possible spread of disease or infection.


C2C’s trauma clean up process begins by removing any chemicals, blood, biological materials, matters &/or fluid or fingerprint dust from the control zone. Any personal property that is not salvageable must be disassembled and disposed of in the appropriate medical waste dumping facility


After the cleaning up of the scene, our specially trained technicians begin the disinfecting process by spraying surfaces, walls and any surrounding pathogen infected areas with hospital grade solutions. Once cleaned, the appropriate livable standard of sanitation is concluded by using the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) fluorescence testing system technology providing a reading of knowing whether or not the surrounding is livable ready.  Finally, deodorization plays an important key in our clean up process to bring back an atmosphere of pleasantry through the sense of smell.